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Fragrance Strength: We have rated this fragrance as Strong strength.# 

We recommend using this product in all sized rooms. If you are wanting to use this in a larger size room then we suggest you purchase a sample first to ensure this fragrance is right for your room size.#

Fragrance Description:

A Cool, fresh and crisp jammed packed with essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint & menthol with a hint of lavender, ginger and ylang ylang.

** Note ** Due to the high amounts of essential oils in this blend please do not leave the wax melt unattended while using it.

# Results are based on a minimum of 30 minutes of use and a maximum of 4 hours when using an electric wax warmer. We used 2 of our soy wax melts bars or 1 sample size during this test. Fragrance will be stronger if using one of our fan forced melt warmers or weaker if using a non electric warmer. 

* This fragrance is a custom formulation of Sassy Wax Australia and is not part of and has no association with any other products with the same or similar name. 


Our Wax Melts:

Our soy wax melts are hand made and poured in Melbourne, Australia. All of our soy wax melts contain natural soy wax, and are scented using the highest quality fragrance oils, essential oils and absolutes that are Phthalate free and adhere to IFRA’s high standards. Our soy wax melts contain zero additives, zero chemicals, zero dyes, just soy wax.

We fragrance our melts with Grade A Undiluted fragrance oils and 100% Pure Undiluted essential oils that are specially formulated for soy wax products.   

Our soy melts are some of the strongest on the market and last longer than wax melts with less fragrance. Simply place your soy wax melt into your melt warmer and the fragrance will start to flow as the wax melts filling your home with beautiful long lasting fragrance.


Product Specifications:

Each sample melt is 1.5cm in height by 4cm in length and 3cm wide.

Each sample has a weight of around 17g including packaging.


Electric Melter Compatibly:

For the best performance we recommend an electric warmer. As soy wax is harder than paraffin it requires a hotter heat plate to melt it correctly. 

We do not recommend using our soy wax in wax warmers with a light bulb or candle as they do not heat up enough to melt pure soy wax correctly. While they will still work, it won’t push the fragrance far enough and would only be suitable for a small or medium sized room.


Fragrance Strength Explained:

Each fragrance have different strengths, no matter how much fragrance you put in the strength will be the same. When we rate our fragrances we test in 3 small sized rooms for 4 hours at a time, we test in 3 medium sized rooms for 4 hours at a time and we test 4 times in a large sized room for 4 hours at a time, then we come up with our final rating. We use a electric wax warmer for all of our tests. If using a oil warmer with a candle the results might be weaker than advertised or if using one of our fan forced warmers then the results may be stronger than advertised due to the fan pushing the fragrance further.


A small sized room in our opinion would be classed as a study, small kitchen or small bedroom or laundry.


A medium sized room in our opinion would be classed as a bedroom, dining room, office, kitchen or lounge room. 


A large sized room in our opinion would be classed as a open plan area like a lounge dining combo or a kitchen dining combo. It would also include a master bedroom suite. 


How to use wax melts and hints and tips to get the best performance:

We highly recommend using pure soy wax melts with an electric warmer that are designed for use with pure soy wax melts.

Soy wax requires a hotter temperature in order to melt the wax correctly. 

We do not recommend using our soy wax in wax warmers with a light bulb or candle as they do not heat up enough to melt pure soy wax correctly. While they will still work, it won’t push the fragrance far enough and would only be suitable for a small or medium sized room.


Why can’t I smell the fragrance anymore?

  • We recommend burning your wax melt for a minimum of 2 hours. After 2 hours our noses start to go into sensory overload or olfactory fatigue (In English our brain gets used to the smell and our brain switches off the ability to recognise the scent.) If you leave the room for 15 minutes and come back in, you will be able to smell it again. Another way to describe it, each home has a natural unique smell you can’t smell it because you are used to the smell but other people can. Just like when you go to someone else’s house it has a unique natural smell that you can smell but they can’t as they are used to it.
  • If used for a long period of time the fragrance may have fully burnt off.
  • The room may be too large for that particular fragrance. As some fragrances can be subtle and some can be strong. Try using in a smaller sized room or move closer to the warmer.



  1. Place your warmer as close to the centre of the room you want to fragrance as possible. 
  2. Make sure your warmer is placed on a heat resistant surface away from children and pets. Also ensure any cords are tucked away or do not hang over the surface where it can be pulled off the surface or table.
  3. For a small dish place 1 melt bar, and for larger or wider dishes place 2 melt bars.
  4. Turn on your electric warmer, it may take up to 20 minutes for the wax to fully melt as the wax melts the fragrance will start to flow filling your room with fragrance. 
  5. After 2 or 3 hours turn off your wax warmer as your nose will be used to the smell. The scent will still linger for quite a while then wait a few hours then turn it back on again. This will make each wax melt last longer.
  6. After use turn off your electric warmer and make sure the wax is completely hard before moving or touching the warmer as the wax and the warmer will be hot.
  7. To change the wax to a different fragrance turn your warmer on for about 2 minutes then the wax should simply slip out of the dish with a little push. Then give the dish a wipe out with a paper towel then you are ready for a new fragrance.
  8. Just because a fragrance in a large room may have faded keep your wax and use it in a smaller sized room as there may still be enough fragrance left to fragrance a smaller sized room.


Melts Safety:

Due to the high amount of fragrance in this product it should not be used with a direct flame and must only be used in a traditional oil burner or electric melt warmer. If the fragrance becomes too strong for you simply turn off the melter and ventilate the room. Always follow the safety instructions that came with your product to ensure safe, proper use. 

Colour Change:

We do not put colour in our soy wax melts, by adding colour this can change the way the wax performance and may not fully release the fragrance. Due to the high amount of fragrance the soy wax may change colour, this is normal and in no way changes the performance of this product. So if your wax does change colour please don't be alarmed.

High Fragrance Load:

This product is genuinely triple scented and as a result of the high amount of fragrance we have put into this product it might crumble when breaking a piece off. It may also look like it's frosting or change colour. This is normal due to the high amount of fragrance and is safe to use.