Our Story

The beginning.   

From 2005 until 2020 we were known as the Sassy Soy Candle Company we manufactured Candle products, wax melts, diffusers and aromatherapy products for other brands. In 2020 we changed our name to Sassy Wax Australia to focus on what we are known for and that is our wax melts.

From Sassy Soy to Sassy Wax

In 2015 we started to see a rise in popularity for scented wax melts, people were starting to move away from Candles and more towards wax melts, reed diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers. Customers wanted a way to fragrance their home without a candle flame.   

We set out testing over 300 different types of wax melts; we found that the wax melts didn’t last very long and weren’t very strong. We knew there had to be a way to make wax melts that not only smelt better but they had to last longer. 

So we started a global quest to find a better way to make soy wax melts.   

During our research we found that soy wax can actually hold a lot more fragrance than we thought. The reason fragrance amounts are restricted in a candle is because it has a flame and could catch fire if the flame came in direct contact with the fragrance. As soy wax melts don’t require a flame to use them we found that we could safely pack a lot more fragrance into them.   

We spent the next 14 months, testing and testing, perfecting our formulas, sourcing the right materials from suppliers that were trusted and certified.   

In 2017 we launched a range of wax melts that contained 25% fragrance in them direct to the public via eBay and lets just say they were a huge hit. Most soy wax melts on the market contain around 6% to 8% fragrance although some do put up to 10% fragrance. We didn’t want to be the biggest company in the world we just wanted to be the best. We’ve packed a massive amount of fragrance in our soy wax melts, if we put 6% – 8% fragrance in our soy melts that just wouldn’t be good enough for us and we might as well call it unscented wax. 

Towards the end of 2017 we launched a direct to customer online store using our name Sassy Soy and sold our wax melts, candles and aromatherapy products directly to customers. Since then we have been growing at a rapid pace and our soy wax melts have become very popular. 

At the end of 2019 we decided to stop manufacturing candles, diffusers and aromatherapy products as our customers have moved away from those products and started buying wax melts as they were better value for money and stronger than candles. 

In March 2020 we rebranded to Sassy Wax Australia to focus on our soy wax melts. Because our focus will be wax melts we will be able to expand the fragrances we have now to give our customers even more choices and exciting unique fragrance combinations.   

Our competitors hate us, but our customers love us. We have something for everybody with over 50 fragrances you will find the perfect fragrance that will suit your requirements.   

We always want to push the limits, we will never stop testing, we will never stop innovating and we will never stop making great products that our customers will be proud of.   

We are a company our customers and suppliers want to do business with, we are honest and open and we will only ever promise what we can deliver and we will always deliver more than we promise. This is the sassy wax commitment to our customers. 

Our Fragrances 

Our fragrances are made with a unique blend of fragrance oils, essential oils and absolutes. We only use Grade A Undiluted fragrance oils and 100% Pure Undiluted essential oils that are specially formulated for soy wax products. Our fragrances are Phthalate Free and adhere to IFRA's high standards. 

About Sassy Wax Australia 

We don't need to make false or misleading claims in order to sell our products. It's very upsetting when candle makers make false claims about their products to try and appear better than another manufacture or try and discredit other candle makers just to sell a candle.  Our aim isn't to be the biggest company in the world; our aim is to be the best.  We are an honest company that our customers and suppliers want to do business with; we never have and never will make claims that are untrue or misleading just to sell our products. 

Should you need further information about our products or the ingredients we use then please contact us and we would be more than happy to answer any questions.