Fresh Linen Type A Triple Scented Soy Wax Melt Bar

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Fresh Linen Triple Scented Soy Wax Melt Bar Type A

Special Price as these were test melts we made. 

Our triple scented soy wax melt bars go through a 4 stage pouring process. Each bar is hand made, so it’s hard to always get them to look exactly the same. So there may be slight variations in the dual colour effect and in the amount or glitter or glitter placement within the bar. We have provided some images of some of the bars so you get a idea of what to expect.

Each bar measures 11cm by 4.5cm by 1.5cm and has a weight of 60g.

The mica colour may stain your warmer bowl if you do not clean it after each use.



Fragrance Strength: We have rated this fragrance as Mild to Medium strength.# 

We recommend using this product in a small to medium sized room only. If you are wanting to use this in a larger size room then we suggest you purchase a sample first to ensure this fragrance is right for your room size.#

Fragrance Description:

Smells just like freshly washed linen with fabric softener! A fresh, powdery floral bouquet with notes of jasmine, lavender and rose.

# Results are based on a minimum of 30 minutes of use and a maximum of 4 hours when using an electric wax warmer. We used 2 of our soy wax melts bars or 1 sample size during this test. Fragrance will be stronger if using one of our fan forced melt warmers or weaker if using a non electric warmer. 

* This fragrance is a custom formulation of Sassy Wax Australia and is not part of and has no association with any other products with the same or similar name. 



Soy Wax

Fragrance Oil or Essential Oils

Mica Powder (Colour)